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Significant evolutions of natural gas suppliers' market shares


The names in the top 4 in terms of natural gas suppliers' market shares has been unchanged for many years, taking into account that these 4 positions are shared between the 2 largest natural gas producers and the 2 largest natural gas distribution service operators. Although, even in July 2020 the top 4 suppliers remain the same, the evolutions of their market shares are important, especially in the context of their very large supplied volumes: Engie increased its quantity supplied in July 2020 compared to July 2019 by 18.27%, while Romgaz, OMV and E.ON supplied smaller quantities of natural gas, with 5.69%, 11.68% and 19.96%, respectively.

The most significant evolutions come from "non top 4" suppliers, noting here the increase of 41.77% of the natural gas volumes supplied by Premier Energy, but also Conef Gaz with a reduction of 37.33% of the quantities delivered to end consumers.

OMV remains the main natural gas supplier, ranking first in the top of specific market shares registered in July 2020. The ranking of suppliers with a market share of more than 0.5% in July 2020 is ended by Energy Distribution Services, newly entered into this top, where it took over the position from July 2019 of Enel Energie, whose market share in July 2020 is less than 0.5%.


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