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Zero live liquidity for 2021 calendar year product, as ask bid spread is going to lei 10.00/MWh

OPCOM's most reference market, PC-OTC records on August 25, 2020 the highest liquidity level during this year for next calendar year power baseload product, respectively 8 specific transactions totaling an hourly volume of 57 MW.

September 15, 2020 is the 7th trading day in a row with no transactions for the same product on the same market.

Very traded during August 2020, 2021 calendar year baseload power product is reaching the 2nd longest trading gap during current year on PC-OTC. This happens when the liquidity of these products should be at high levels, as the delivery period is getting closer and the final consumers are in budgeting and contracting processes.

On PC-OTC, the smallest prices requested by sellers (best ask price) are getting higher and higher, rising with lei 9.00/MWh, while the highest prices offered by buyers (best bid price) are increasing with only lei 3.50/MWh.

In this way, the difference between sellers' requests and buyers' offers in terms of prices is reaching lei 10.00/MWh during September 7, 2020 and September 15, 2020.

During this same period, when the live trading on PC-OTC has no liquidity as sellers are requesting prices between lei 248.00/MWh and lei 257.00/MWh, on another market operated by OPCOM two of the largest state owned power producers (Complexul Energetic Oltenia and Nuclearelectrica) are closing deals still asking for prices in lei 244.00/MWh - lei 245.00/MWh range.


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