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Looking for the "lost" price: Consumers need consistent references and transparent data


The continuous negotiation platform of the Centralized Market for Power Bilateral Contracts, managed by OPCOM, is the only one that allows direct consumer access to view the trading system screen, so practically the only direct source of real-time information for the consumer.

Inclusive this functionality, makes this continuous negotiation platform a suitable reference for price indexation, for consumers who want to purchase power on order, in constant tranches (tranches) or profiled (clicks), through their electricity supplier.

On Monday, December 7, 2020, 5 transactions took place on the above-mentioned platform, all for the same product: baseload power delivery the 51st week of the current year. However, the traded prices were positioned in a very wide range of lei 50/MWh, which represents about 18% of the maximum traded price or about 22% of the minimum one:

• lei 225/MWh;

• lei 226/MWh;

• lei 258/MWh;

• lei 275/MWh (2 transactions).

In these conditions, in which the price for the same product differs on the same day from lei 225 to 275/MWh, what is the correct value, the reference one?

Energy consuming companies need consistent references and transparent data, especially in their efforts to implement global energy products.

Supply intensification of these products is a step forward for the power market as a whole, but especially it represents the fulfillment of a condition requested by the companies that have chosen Romania to invest.

Note: The diversity of the counterparties covered by this post ensures the impartiality and equidistance of this opinion.


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