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Law 206/ 2023

amending the

price capping

1. In the case of final consumers with an annual consumption of natural gas higher than 50,000 MWh in 2021 and lower than this value recorded in 2022, suppliers will regularize, by the end of the current year, the difference between the price invoiced in 2022 and the cap applicable in the same period for customers with a consumption of less than 50,000 MWh in 2021.

2. Also in the case of electricity consumers, the price invoiced by the supplier will be the minimum of:
a. the maximum capped price;
b. the contractual price;
c. the price determined starting from the supplier's average purchase price.

3. Limiting the maximum price of suppliers for settlement to 900 lei/MWh may complicate the identification of supply offers and the evaluation process. Our Tactical Contracting of Supply service comes to your rescue.

4. The Romanian text of the law, published in the Official Gazette on 11.07.2023, is available here.

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