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Last month = +43.32% in natural gas DAM price/ Next month = ?

Going back in the previous year, the natural gas DAM price for September 9, 2019 was lei 104.00/MWh, with only lei 4.00/MWh more than the one for August 10, 2019. This one month period registered last year only 4% increase in the DAM price.

Compared with 2019 which was a record one, current year's natural gas DAM prices are far lower, but the recent increase trend in 2020 is more accelerated than the one in the previous year.

In the last month (August 10, 2020 - September 9, 2020) the natural gas DAM price increased with 43.32%, from lei 46.01/MWh to lei 65.94/MWh.


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