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Together we procure the electricity and natural gas in Romania

Discover the expected future evolution of the energy prices
Get informed and stay connected to the reality of the energy market

The first active Romanian company with a dynamic evolution, specialized in full assistance and representation of industrial consumers in the procurement of electricity and natural gas


milion lei

optimization of the costs already contracted by a consumer


milion lei

savings achieved by recommending a customer to opt out of the additional round of offers (bullish market)


milion MWh

aggregated annual electricity and natural gas consumptions of our partners
Vice President of ACCER

Member of the Advisory Council of ANRE, the Romanian energy regulator (voluntary & non-political)

Board Member of IFIEC Europe
Theodor Livinschi, Managing & Founding Partner



local and international companies, industrial and commercial
Our customers come from
a multitude of countries,

their global presence
spanning all continents
Stacks of Coins

Reducing costs and securing purchase conditions

Going to office

Confidence in substantiating and decision-making

Roman Numeral Clock

Displacement of time resources for other important duties

Wind Turbines

Decisive contribution to sustainability targets

<0,2% of the energy price

This is the cost of the most complex service package, which turns into a benefit, compared to the negotiated price of electricity or natural gas

Considerably less than how much you would lose by not tracking the right timing of the purchase, not observing the wholesale trend during the RFQ or not securing the supply contract thoroughly

Energy procurement is no longer a simple activity, involving numerous risks and opportunities

We acknowledge the positive evolution of the buyer role for energy

"It has been a great experience working with partenerg. They took the time to understand our unique business expectations thoroughly. They helped us review various local and regional suppliers and differentiate the offerings from each supplier.
partenerg provided valuable assistance to our in-house counsel while negotiating contracts. Their extensive knowledge of the various commercial issues in electricity supply contracts helped us determine the best solution for our needs. As a result, we achieved a positive outcome that our senior management was confident in."
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